No Turning Back Now

Well.  Tomorrow’s the day.  The first day of the semester.  And I feel like I’m going to puke.

Anxiety is a real bitch, ya’ll.

Yesterday I finally went and got all my books, though.  So despite my nerves, I guess I’m technically ready!


My student loan still hasn’t come through, so I ended up just putting it all on my credit card.  Oof.  My man Fernando promises me though that I will get my refund check by the end of September, and when I do I’ll just throw the whole thing at the statement and call it good.

Tomorrow after I get off from work at 4pm, I’ll head straight over to campus and spend a little time in the library before heading to my English 101 class that starts at 5:30.  I want to get there hella early for first choice of seats.  Mainly because:

  1. I want to call dibs on a spot near an electrical outlet, should I end up using my laptop in class.
  2. The classroom has double-seater desks and a completely full roster, which for a person with Social Anxiety is baaaaaasically the ninth circle of Hell.  Being the first desk occupant is infinitely less awkward than being the person who has to choose from desks that all already have their first occupant.  (That’s serious nervous breakdown territory for me right there.)

For the last 24 hours or so, I’ve been watching Blackboard filling up with all the information for my three courses.  Two of them are completely online so there’s been a massive amount of content to read (and print for my binders, because I’m that nerd).  But even the professor of my on-campus English 101 class uses the online interface for sending announcements, etc.  In fact, this was one of the first things that popped up for her class, and I’m tickled:


Any professor who starts off the semester with excellent meme usage in her communications to students is okay by me!

So I’m off to bed now, with hopes I’ll be able to actually get some quality sleep.  Wish me luck (both with the sleep and the classes)!

Oh, and before I go, here’s a super fucking adorable photo of one of my idiot cats (and I say that with love because not even an hour ago she quite literally sat her ass on a lit candle on my desk and caught her tail on fire), lounging with my stack of English books for tomorrow.  You know, to make this photo relevant.  Her name is Cupcake and she’s ridiculous.


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