A Dedicated Study Space

So I’ve been keeping mum here on a little project that I’ve been researching and planning, and it’s actually been incredibly difficult not to mention it.


I started working on this project way back in April, and so I’m super excited to finally get to write about it and share with all of you today!

See, I have this spare bedroom in my apartment that has been woefully underutilized ever since 2012 or so, when my last (and final) roommate moved out.  Once she left, I set it up as a guest bedroom.  But the thing is that I don’t really get visitors or entertain much overnight company, and for the last 5 years it’s never once been used for that intended purpose.  As such, it progressively became more of a catch-all storage room than anything else.


God damn Gordon, the room wasn’t that bad.  Just cluttered with junk and full of disorganized nonsense!

Now you all know that I’ve been working on doing an independent study to get myself up to speed in Algebra, which I’ve mostly been doing from my recliner in the living room.  Which, sure, is super comfy and all that, but definitely has it’s drawbacks.  Between trying to balance my laptop on one knee and my notebook on the other, gently fighting off three cats who don’t understand why Mama isn’t letting them come snuggle up in our favorite chair like they’re used to, and getting a little too comfortable and dozing off while I’m trying to work done, it’s often a less-than ideal situation.  Not to mention that it’s so easy to get distracted in the living room and slip into my leisurely habits.


However, I’ve often read that studying, like sleep, can be benefited by having a space dedicated only to that one activity and nothing else.  So that when you enter that space, in time your brain learns to respond accordingly and enters into a mode of “Woo!  Time to study!  Let’s get our learn on, motherfucker!”  Which honestly sounded like a pretty great idea to me.

So.  That’s what I did.  I turned that bedroom into an actual usable space which I think will really serve me well when the semester begins next month, and all the years following while I work towards my degree.  Over the last couple months I’ve been organizing and selling off stuff that was in the guest room, as well as slowly purchasing and accumulating Phase 1 of the basic furniture for a home office.  Yesterday my dad and grandpa spend the day here assembling it all for me, and ya’ll, I seriously could not be more pleased with the results.  Time to “move that bus!”






The above photos were taken in the afternoon, just as we finished getting everything into place.  Here’s one more, which I took  late last night after I had settled in a bit more:


As I mentioned earlier, this is all just Phase 1.  I already have Phases 2 & 3 planned out, and will be adding things like more shelving, end tables on either side of the sofa, wall decor, and some fun lighting (fairy lights, etc).  But all of that costs money, so I am tackling it all in phases, and most important was to get the basics moved in and set up first, and then I’ll slowly add in the other things to finish the office up.

But even in it’s current state, I am just tickled pink by my new study space!


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