Fight for Your Right to Studyyyyy: Part 2

Many of you replied, either here on the blog or on Facebook, with an expressed interest in seeing the reply to yesterday’s email to my Financial Aid counselor.  Well, I love my readers, so of course I am here to deliver!


He did, in fact, respond quite expeditiously.  I had a reply email from him within 2 hours, which was quite a nice surprise given all of the trouble I’ve had otherwise thus far.

Below is his reply, followed by my own:

Billie, first let me apologize. Don’t ever feel like we are ignoring or avoiding you. I double checked to see if we received your verification paperwork and I saw them. I marked them in as received and now you should probably see on your WebAdvisor as needs review. Let me assure you the deadlines you are talking about do NOT impact you. You submitted your documents early and we will begin processing fall verification paperwork shortly. So you are all set to go with aid.

So regarding registering for classes, the verification process should NOT impact you in that process. If you’ve met all the requirements with Admissions, you should go ahead and register for classes, soon.

I hope this relieves any fears you have. Never hesitate to ask me anything. I will guide you best I can.

Fernando Islas
Financial Aid Specialist
TCL – Beaufort/New River/Hampton Campus

Hi, Mr. Islas!

Thank you so much for your quick action and response.  I’m very happy that I reached out to you, and I appreciate you handling the status of that paperwork so efficiently.

You are absolutely correct that this process has not affected my ability to register.  In fact, I actually registered for my classes two months ago, and am very eager to start in the Fall!  However, what this delay does effect, to the best of my understanding, is my ability to be officially admitted to the school, or to obtain my student ID card or parking decal.  Not to mention it’s a bit nerve-racking not knowing exactly how these classes are going to get paid for, how much I’ll need to take out in loans, when the money will arrive, etc.  That being said, I’m quite glad that at least my documents are showing a correct status now, and hopefully the ball will be rolling my way soon.

Once again, thank you so much for taking care of this for me.  I will certainly contact you if/when I have additional concerns, and I look forward to meeting you at TCL in the near future.  😊

Billie Shoemaker
Student ID #xxxxxxx

So!  That’s where things stand as of now.  Still no idea when I’ll have money or be admitted, but at least now it’s quite clear in my file that I did turn in my paperwork not only on-time but quite early.  This eliminates one of my fears of it getting down to the last minute and then being told something along the lines of, “Oh, well according to our records, you never brought back blah blah blah paperwork so it’s your own fault your award package has been delayed.”


As I mentioned in my reply, it still concerns me that award packages seem to be handed out so late, often times after the semester has already begun.  But at this point, it really is out of my hands and I just need to accept that and hope for the best, I suppose.  (And for an obsessive planner like me, that’s a pretty tall order!)

One last thing… Thanks to everybody who complimented the new cleaner, simpler layout for the blog!  Those of you who know me well in real life know that it really just made no sense what-so-ever for Billie to have a blog that wasn’t super fucking pink.


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