A New Leader Emerges

Some of you may have noticed the quick little Facebook post that I made earlier in the week, inquiring of my Atlanta area folks about a particular university.  After much research, I’ve decided to move the University of Florida down to #2 on my preferred university list. They’ve been bumped by a much lesser-known school…

Kennesaw State University, about 25 miles northwest of Atlanta, GA.  Reasons I’ve come to this decision?  Here we go!
  • Degree:  They offer a completely online Bachelor of Science in Psychology program, without the transfer requisites that UF has.  (They still require those classes, but I can take them there once I’ve transferred.)
  • Cost:  KSU’s online degree programs are waaaay more affordable than other schools.  $260 per credit hour, compared to UF’s $552.  Hell, even in-state at USC would cost me $412 per credit hour.  So financially, KSU is pretty much unbeatable.
  • Transfer Credits:  KSU has this amazing functionality on their website, the Transfer Articulation Search.  Basically, I put in my state and then the school I’ll be transferring from.  And it gives me a list of every single class offered at TCL that will transfer seamlessly to KSU.  That shit is extremely helpful!  Now I know exactly what electives and such to take over the next two years, and can breathe easy in the knowledge that I’m not wasting my time or money.
  • Location:  KSU is located not far from my Aunt Debby and Uncle Mark, who I adore.  So anytime I need to drive up to the campus (probably once a semester), I’ll get to visit with them.
  • Owls:  The mascot is an owl, ya’ll!  I fucking love owls!  (This wasn’t so much a factor in my decision as much as a sweet bonus that I’m pretty happy about.)
So that’s the plan as it stands right now.  I realize that a lot could change over the next couple of years (or hell, even the next couple of weeks), but this is what I’m working with at the moment.  I feel really good about it, too!  I’m excited!
In other news, remember the Tax Transcript that I had to request from the IRS and have them mail to me?  Well, it arrived on Friday.  So on Monday, I’m going to ask my boss if I can dip out an hour early to head over to the Financial Aid office at the school, and turn it in along with the verification form that I also had to complete.

So with any luck, I’ll be back here on Monday evening with an update on just how the hell I’m going to pay for all of this.  Because…

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