One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Ya’ll, guess what?!

I just spoke to the college and they said I can attempt the test up to three times in a one-year period.  The required wait-time between test attempts is only three business days.  So that means pretty much anytime before the Fall semester, I can retake the test and try to get a score high enough to make me exempt from those Beginning and Intermediate Algebra classes!  CAN YOU TELL THAT I AM VERY EXCITED?
So of course, this means I’m going to spend this summer studying my assssss off.  Money will be super tight for the next couple of paychecks, but I’m gonna do it: I’m purchasing the full version of that Learning Upgrade algebra study software tonight, since I completed the last of the demo lessons yesterday.  I am determined to chew through this high school level crap so that I can place into college-level algebra and not have to spend all that extra money and time getting myself up to speed.  I will ace that test next time, dammit!
Okay, true, but I still need to master that shit if I’m ever going to get through college.
In other news, the credit transferring stuff is making my head hurt.  I’ve been looking more and more at the transfer requirements for the University of Florida, and there’s a few parts that cause me great concern.  I touched on this briefly in my last post, but now we’re gonna get deep into it, ya’ll.
Here’s what it says on UF’s website:

Competitive upper division applicants (students with 60 of more college credits earned) should have at a 2.75 overall GPA and all the below courses completed with at least a 2.75 GPA:

  • Introduction to Statistics (STA 2023)
  • General Psychology (PSY 2012) 
  • Biological Science (BSC 2005/2009) or Biology I (BSC 2010)
  • Pre-Calculus: Algebra and Trigonometry (MAC 1147) OR Pre-Calculus Algebra (MAC 1140) and Trigonometry (MAC 1114)
    So what’s the problem(s)?  Get comfortable, because this is gonna be wordy:
    • Introduction to Statistics:  I can take it at TCL online.  No Problem.
    • General Psychology:  I can take it at TCL online.  No problem.
    • Biology: TCL offers it, but I’ve checked the Spring, Summer, and Fall terms just out of curiosity to see what scheduling is typically like.  It’s not offered online, and it’s not offered at night.  They only offer it as a class that meets twice a week on-campus during the day.  This, of course, does not work for me.  So unless something significantly changes over the next year or so, it’s not going to be possible for me to obtain those credits before I’m ready to transfer.  Problem.
    • Pre-Calculus/Algebra/Trigonometry:  I don’t even entirely understand what they’re asking for here.  Based on the UF course titles, it seems like their Pre-Calc, Algebra, and Trig can be taken in one combined class.  Or you can take Pre-Calc/Algebra and Trig as two separate classes.  However, at TCL, they offer College Algebra, College Trigonometry, and Elementary Calculus as THREE separate individual classes.  Do I need to take all three?  How do I find out what UF will take from my courses at TCL as transfer credit and how it will all translate?

      Furthermore, again based on my investigation of the current year’s three semesters, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus classes at TCL are, like Biology, only offered on-campus and during my workday.  So it’s impossible for me to take those two classes prior to transferring anyhow.  In my application to UF, if I were to include a letter explaining this, and my intent to make obtaining credit for these courses my priority upon matriculating to UF (where they ARE offered online), would it make any difference?  I wonder if contacting Admissions at UF would do me any good, or if they would just tell me that they can’t make that determination until I put in my transfer application in a couple of years?  Problem.

    I know it probably seems super early to be so worried about this stuff, but I couldn’t disagree more.  I’m not about wasting time and money on classes that won’t transfer, or spending two years working on a program that won’t facilitate a transfer to my preferred university.  As such, I feel like now is the precise time to be taking these things into consideration, so that I can build a course of study for the next two years that actually helps me to accomplish my goals.

    And, you know, preferably not lose my fucking mind in the process.

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