Algebra Agonies

So this whole damn algebra thing has been bugging me.  The thought of paying $1,000+ and wasting two semesters on additional math classes (which won’t even count towards my degree) just to get me up to par isn’t sitting with me as well I thought it would, and especially in light of my recent discovery…

After my last blog post, my wonderful old chum Alaina messaged me with her sympathies over my math difficulties, and referred me to a website,  I went over the list of symptoms for the condition, and while I fervently related to some of them, others I did not at all.  But all of that aside, the most important thing about this website for me was the left side bar, where I wandered into the Algebra section.

The fun little screencap caught my attention, I can only assume because it looks like a video game and I am a child of the 80s, you know.  So I started exploring the Learning Upgrade programs, specifically for Pre-Algebra and Algebra.

Each one includes 120 lessons, and costs $50 for each module. It lets you demo the first eight lessons for free, though.

Ya’ll… This shit is a goddamn revelation for real.  It’s pretty hokey and cheesey as hell, but I don’t even care. I have been working in the Pre-Algebra module, doing 3 lessons per night for the last two nights, and already I have mastered things that I had zero comprehension of during my placement tests on Thursday.  Hell, three days ago I couldn’t even tell you what a coefficient is.  Now I know and understand so many terms and operations that I didn’t understand before, and I’ve aced all six of the lessons I’ve completed.  Mind = Blown.

This silly little Learning Upgrade program absolutely works.  I’m kinda in shock at how well it’s working for me, anyhow.  Progressing like this, I’ll most definitely be ready for that Beginning Algebra class in the Fall.  Orrrrr (and I’m going to call on Monday and ask so wish me luck) hopefully they’ll even let me re-take the Algebra portion of the placement testing before the semester starts, and if I do well enough maybe I can get out of taking Beginning and Intermediate Algebra completely!

Either way, I really want to continue working my way through both modules over the summer, but that means throwing down $100 bucks.  Do I think it’s worth it?

Abso-fucking-lutely.  But do I have an extra $100 bucks just lying around for me to toss at this?

Nah, bro.  I’m gonna crunch some numbers and see if I can squeeze the money out of somewhere, at least half at a time ($50 for each module) but I’m not sure that I see it happening.  Which is a shame because I’m learning so much, which is damn near a miracle honestly.

There’s also another big reason I would love to get out of those two remedial algebra semesters, if possible.  Currently my #1 choice of schools to transfer to after TCL is the University of Florida (go Gators!).  And I was reviewing the curriculum requirements for their Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree, and for some inexplicable reason, in addition to College Algebra and Statistics they also require Trigonometry and Precalculus.  So if I have to take those beg/int algebra classes (which, again, do NOT count towards my degree), plus four more… That’s 6 damn semesters of math.  And that just makes me want to cry, ya’ll.  Seriously.

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